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Nas - One Love (Says Who? & DJ Vindictiv Remix)

Supadope RMX from Netherlands!! Earlier this year, the Middelburg-based producer duo (Says Who? & DJ Vindictiv) shared their remix of One Love by Nas, in honour of the 20 year anniversary of Illmatic.

Produced, mixed & arranged by Says Who? & DJ Vindictiv
Mastering by Jamie Lostsun Vanzunderd


ES - Aspire to Inspire (Album + Music Video)

What a pleasure!! ES is back for bring up the culture, this album is the evidence. Skills and love for this music is what u can hear from the start to the end, we r honored to work with him for the track “For the Loot” and be part of this GREAT album…LETS support the TRUE!!

Aspire To Inspire” is my life’s motto. It is also a symbol of my journey… my growth…my progression. This record is a feel good inspirational and motivational collection of songs, intended to uplift anyone who has ever had to overcome adversity or odds stacked against them. It is an honest audio journal of my goals, dreams, successes, joys, failures and words of encouragement to all who can relate to my story…coming from a grown man’s perspective. The ability to inspire others to strive to be better is one of life’s ultimate rewards. Let’s “Aspire To Inspire”. Peace.



I strongly recommend that you also check out these talented folks’ sites too. If you dug the production and features on this album you’ll definitely want to hear what these guys have been working on…

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PROZAK MORRIS - Lost Human Boy Attempts Communication To The Aliens With Big Egos

Nu release from Pragmatic Theory fellas!!
Something we have long awaited…
Here’s what they say about it:
We’re extremely proud to present to you “Prozak Morris - Lost Human Boy Attempts Communication To The Aliens With Big Egos”. The unique talent that is Prozak Morris has been part of the Pragmatic Theory family since day one. After walking out of his Interscope Record deal, Prozak is now ready to unleash the beast on the music World once again without constraint. We’re blessed that Prozak chose to have his comeback on Pragmatic Theory & as is his wish, any profit made from the release will go towards future Pragmatic Theory physical releases. The album can still be downloaded completely free by entering ‘0’.
We hope you enjoy the ride….

It’s all about the passion and love for good music

Check, listen, enjoy, share and grab it!

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To celebrate their 2nd anniversary the Beatfonics Crew is about to release a new beattape.
“This time there’s no theme, no restrictions, no inspiring artist…no borders. There’s just what we are.”

Check out the PREMIERE X Tsinoshi Bar


• Facebook :
• Bandcamp :
• Tumblr :

• Cover design by Gianluca Renga:

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MELODIOUS SOVEREIGNS - Equinox Rising (Promo)

A premium group of producers have come together to form the collective, “Melodious Sovereigns”, to show the world how they rule the melodies in their own right.

"Equinox Rising", their debut project, is being released June 15!
Some great vibes r comin!

Featuring Nextwon, Artonius Tsetsuna, Metanite, MusicalProf, Asendais, Big Groove, D-Way, Run C.T, Devon Thompson, Twe Shellshockr, Heat Flare, Yagmha Murdock, John Wesley Moon and Yura The Beatress

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WHOSAMPLED present the first Samplethon at The Great Escape, Brighton

20 producers, 1 folder full of priceless samples from Boosey & Hawkes archive, 6 hours for making tracks , judges and mentors from BBE , Imagem Music , Herbaliser and Soundsci……i’m (StayReal!) honored to being part of this story as participant , was an Epic day for music production, it’s all about love for sampling art ,amazing what can come out if you put technology and creativity in the same room and It’s hard to explain the positive vibes i breathed that day in Brighton, everyone was inspired by the situation and the results at the end of the day, during the listening session was GREAT!!( u can listen all the tracks @ ) CONGRATS to the winners : Illiterate , Sleepless and Danny Drive Thru…..i want invite you to read the amazing review of 13thsequence (sampleface crew) seated on my left during the day BIG UP!!


Big Thanks to all the Whosampled staff for make it happen and the huge contribution for the sampling culture!!

early in the mornin…

judges panel

Short doc of the day :

how beginning the story :

sampling fever…



SKANKS - The Shinigami Flowfessional

New SKANKS X Shinigamie rec is definitely one of the best REAL album ive heard lately,the parisian Kyo Itachi & co. meet the NY underground heavyweight Skanks from Bankai family for bring some of that genuine taste hard to find today.DONT SLEEP GRAB IT!!

All Songs Produced by Kyo Itachi,Azaia,Venom,Astronote
Mixed by Phalo Pantoja at Workshop.
Expect track : 10.”Whut ” 7.”Its Going down” 12.”Klick Klack” Mixed Edited & arranged by Venom at VideosDrome, Paris .
5.”Lick A Shot ” 26.” Martyr music remix” mixed by Astronote at Astro Lab.Orleans

All Scratches by Venom,Dj Modesty ,Dj Fastcut

Album mastered by Antoine @Studio Cargo

Photographies by Davis Thompson Moss
Cover,Art direction, design & logos by Looker

Facebook :
Twitter / @therapmartyr
Shinigamie records :

Skanks - Lick a Shot (OFFICIAL VIDEO) feat Top

"Skanks 5th Espada of Bankai Fam coming with his debut album "The Shinigami Flowfessional" dropping this May 2014 featuring the underground bangers "Thank God" "Martyr Music" & "The Huntsmen" feat Raf from Dirt Platoon with production by Kyo Itachi,"Lick a Shot" by Astronote,"Only Time" by Azaia &"Whut" by Venom with features from Ruste Juxx,Shabaam Sahdeeq,John Robinson,Wyld Bunch,Milez Grimez,Bankai Fam & more on Shinigamie Records

Bankai !! “


BOOMRUIN aka BMRN - My Drums Cover A Multitude of Sins

I feel so lucky to put the hands on this tape, BoomRuin aka BMRN is the Mind behind this purple/black jewel,all around boombap grooves mixed with dark atmospheric waves…every side is a non-stop trip on floating vibes and crazy flips. U C A N T M I S S I T ! ! ! ! !

Connecting dark waves of cinematic sounds and slumbering beats - England’s Boomruin/BMRN creates a delicate environment with ‘My Drums Cover A Multitude Of Sins’. The 40 minute album is broken up into short movements that crackle and blend into one another. Developing a sense of time and space, MDCAMOS slowly saunters from one moment to another, lingering elements from each moment gently layers onto the memory of what was before. The overall presence of the album is a somber thread that weaves in and out of the fabric of an atmospheric beat tape. Best experienced from beginning to end, for to truly appreciate this album is in its whole.

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CHAMPTHEPOET X CHARLIE & T_ONE - Write Knowledge 2 Poetry Minded

This is food for your soul! Sublime productions by Charlie & T_One (Italy, Beatfonics Crew) poetry and lyrics by ChampThePoet(Virginia), Jada Rae,Pam Isley,Erik Moore…Incredible atmosphere all around this 2nd job from the trio…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

The is the second installment of the trio ChampThePoet , Charlie & T_One. With a well reviewed first project, the three joined forces to do another project

Producers :
Charlie -
T_One -

Artist as they appear
Jada Rae -
ChampThePoet -
Pam Isley -
Eryk Moore -
MOoKneto -

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ORGANIZED KONFUSION - Somehow, Someway (Je$u$ Remix)

New Je$u$ Remix!!!
Check it

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First single from the upcoming project titled “3RD Year” by Redi Brown & Beatsmith Medore!
Available soon at
3rd Phloor Production fellas!

Check it!!


HARP (Heavily Articulate Remix Project)

And here it is fellas! After the preview we’ve posted some days ago, the whole work is finally out!!

HARP (Heavily Articulate Remix Project) is a remix project that’s an experience in the day in the life of Artonius. Just some creativity on the engineering side to try different things out.
I appreciate Nextwon, Outerstellar Innerspace crew, Cor Stidak, ChampThePoet, Jited Hoodz, DJ Versa, Negrosaki, Gyphick The Overthinker, and all who help contribute to this project.
” – Artonius

Check it!
Free D/L

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MELANIN9 - Colors (Produced By Loopholes) MUSIC VIDEO

One of the best european mc Melanin 9 is out with the street video of “colors” from the fourth coming EP High Fidelity , this is an instant classic produced by LoopHoles…DONT MISS IT!

Shot By Milemount & Dialect @DIALECT_

Directed & Edited By Melanin 9 @melanin_9

Release Date: 31.05.14 on Red Snow Records

Pre Order here (Vinyl Only) @

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Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass (Nextwon Rmx)

Our good friend and supporter Nextwon from Chicago just dropped this dope remix of None Shall Pass by Aesop Rock!
It will be part of the upcoming album H.A.R.P, brought to u by Artonius Tsetsuna. Featuring tracks from Artonius Tsetsuna, NegroSaki and Nextwon of course. Cuts by Nextwon. Coming soon!!
Check that preview and show some love if u feel this work fellas!

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Hosie featuring Akrobatik, Audessey, Lakai & Dizzy Dustin - UPDATE!!

Pre-orders are NOW AVAILABLE!!!!shop/c1glu

300 copies limited edition pressed on white vinyl…Grab it fellas!!

Hosie feat. Akrobatik - Hip Hop Lives (Prod. by JP Balboa - Cuts Mr. Fantastic)
Hosie feat. Audessey, Lakai & Dizzy Dustin - Rhyme Club (Prod. by El Bomba - Cuts Mr. Fantastic)