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Hosie featuring Akrobatik, Audessey, Lakai & Dizzy Dustin - UPDATE!!

Pre-orders are NOW AVAILABLE!!!!shop/c1glu

300 copies limited edition pressed on white vinyl…Grab it fellas!!

Hosie feat. Akrobatik - Hip Hop Lives (Prod. by JP Balboa - Cuts Mr. Fantastic)
Hosie feat. Audessey, Lakai & Dizzy Dustin - Rhyme Club (Prod. by El Bomba - Cuts Mr. Fantastic)

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ACTUAL FACTS present V.A. - FromWhereWeGoBack

OUT NOW!!!ACTUAL FACTS is proud to present his first Various Artist release dedicated to the sounds of the 90’s. The Golden Era…where beatmakin and rappin took the lead and elevate themselves to Art. There was a sparkle and that sparkle is still alive. We’ve put together some of the most gifted underground beatmakers and mcs from Europe and USA for bringin this old good feeling back. ENJOY!

Limited edition CDs available @

Master by JP Balboa

Cover : StayReal!

Photography : Arianna Lago (

Video Teaser : 

Artist Links :

StayReal! :
JP Balboa :
Je$u$ :
Keor Meteor :
Beatsmith Medore :
ManOnWire : 
Profound79 : 
Brock Berrigan :
Thunny Brown :
AviTheMostILL :
The Benchwarmers Clique :
Avarice :
Redi Brown :
ES :
R2S :
Unseen NY :

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Hosie featuring Akrobatik, Audessey, Lakai & Dizzy Dustin

Underground Scottish Mc Hosie is ready to release through AEProductions a 7” vinyl featuring Akrobatik, Audessey, Lakai & Dizzy Dustin with production by JP Balboa and El Bomba and cuts by Mr. Fantastic. The release will be on 300 hand numbered white vinyl copies and on digital format.
U can pre-order your copy here:!shop/c1glu

Real Hip Hop fellas!!
Don’t miss it!
Limited edition…

Hosie - Hip Hop Lives feat. Akrobatik - Prod. by JP Balboa. Cuts by Mr. Fantastic

Hosie - Rhyme Club feat. Audessey, Lakai & Dizzy Dustin - Prod. by El Bomba. Cuts by Mr. Fantastic

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PROFOUND79 - Looseends.

After the first Actual Facts release (Real talk), Profound79 is back with another collection of fresh beats…20 juicy tracks with classy samples and drums, everytime is a pleasure…ENJOY!!

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BROKE/ - Sketches

Broke/ meet Hotrecordsociete for his long awaited solo album…this is what we r talkin about…this is that ridiculous FAT boom-bap who slap your face on every kick and snare,from “make a move” to “sketches” u can feel what mean the study behind “real” beats and rap…MASTERPIECE!

I know I’ve talked about doing another solo EP for the better part of 2 years, but here it is. I ended up doing a lot more digging (records and writing wise) than I anticipated. Hope it was worth the wait."


Written & Produced* || Broke/

Mastering || Keith Kopatz

Artwork || Tulsi Maya & Art Vandelay

* The track “Bruises” was produced by Onset_.

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ACTUAL FACTS is coming back with a new project!!!
We put together some of the most gifted underground hiphop producers, beatmakers and mcs for this project. Keor Meteor, Je$u$, StayReal!, Jp Balboa, Avi, Avarice, Thunny Brown, Redi Brown…just to name a few.
It’s time to take this culture back to his natural environment…2 the streets, 2 the people

This release will bring u back…Back in the days!

Video by : StayReal!

ManOnWire with the beat


Featuring :


JP Balboa


Keor Meteor

Beatsmith Medore


Profound 79

Brock Berrigan

Thunny Brown


The Benchwarmers Clique


Redi Brown



Unseen NY


What Difference Does It Make: A Film About Making Music

What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music
Featuring Brian Eno, Giorgio Moroder, Erykah Badu and more than 70 other artists, What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Making Music marks the 15th anniversary of the Red Bull Music Academy — Red Bull’s longest running cultural program — and captures the energy of the 2013 edition in New York. It gets to the heart of what it takes to be a musician and, in the process, deals with some of the basic questions of life itself.

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NORULE Label present V.A. - Un Uomo in Beat(tribute to Pino Daniele)

Great tribute to the greatest italian bluesman Pino Daniele, Norule label has selected a group of serious beatmakers from Naples to celebrate this great artist and their city. In the project there are names like Captain Futuro,Odeeno,OohGi’,LucianoPain, Sonakine, DjGeso feat. Sabba ,DaryoBass,Sodo Studio,BreakStarr,Shadaloo,Funkcesco Mopo, Iken,DjUncino,Skunk’n’Funk,The Essence, Nu.Bourbonùùù …… DONT MISS IT!!!

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M.E.D. + BTS Boiler Room LA LIVE Show


The master MED with a live show backed by Balance of the Traveling sounds.

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Our good friend Nextwon and Byrdversion1 just dropped this release!
From abstract 2 classics, from Boom bap 2 downtempo…Beatmaking in all his forms!
U need 2 chek it fellas…don’t miss it!

All Tracks Produced by Nextwon & Byrdversion1, Cuts by RenRok, Artwork by Skrewie of The Paramedics

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After the AF Podcast #5 , Beat Soup are back with another hot dish dedicated to DILLA , 40 mins full of luv for the genius from Detroit…ENJOY!

Beat Soup x J Dilla by Beat Soup on Mixcloud


MILLENNIUM JAZZ present RUFF GRAFT (J Dilla Tribute)

Solid tribute for DILLA by MILLENNIUM JAZZ crew… flippin that classic JAY samples as well…CHECK IT!

"Ruff Graft is an in-house collaborative beat-tape made by some of Millennium Jazz’s producers and DJ as they all take time out to pay homage to the late great Mr James Dewitt Yancey aka J Dilla.

The title and artwork of this project is obviously a play on Jay Dee’s original Ruff Draft album, but it also represents the fact that Gadget sprung the idea on the group on Feb 10th (Memorial Day) without notice and only days to work around commitments and come up with one or two productions sampling something that Jay had used himself in his own work. Yes, it was a “ruff graft” indeed!

We have a mixed bag of tributes from Stay Classy, SmokedBeat, Gadget, RickMal, Bones The Beat Head and DJ Jonny Jazz.

We hope you enjoy our little collection, and we encourage you to support the Yancey family and their efforts to keep James’s legacy alive. “

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SINOPTIC INTERNATIONAL - Pure Dopeness vol​.​9


Here we go again! Sinoptic International just dropped the nu chapter of the “Pure Dopeness” saga.
33 tracks featuring Je$u$, KidBeat, Keor Meteor, Profound79, Kesti and more!
Is a “Name your price" project fellas…U know how it works.

Check it!!

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The BEATFONICS CREW - Back 2 Da Basics


Finally out!!!
The Beatfonics Crew just released this nu amazin project!
Here’s what they r sayin about it:
The Beatfonics Crew is a project deeply rooted with Hip Hop, and with this work we want to go back there. Back in the days it was all about digging, sampling, making it sound in the “right” way…no matter if it was coming from the east or from the west. Today we r payin’ homage to the 90’s tryin’ to re-interpret those vibes. 23 beats full of quotes and references to those classic sounds will let you trip through a decade of records and unbelievable masterpieces of the beatmaking art.

23 beats. Free DL

If u need to go back in the days, u need to check it!!

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it’s time for the ACTUAL FACTS PODCAST #5…. BEAT SOUP from Rome (Italy) are the guests for this episode. They are usual to dish out juicy selections dosing the newest release from emerging beatmakers/producers and classic joints from the past, at the end of the mix u will be ready for another bowl of SOUP…..ENJOY!

Tracklist :

Intro - Beat Soup ft. Herbie Hancock
9th Wonder - Sun Is In The Sky (instrumental)
A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again
A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again (FloFilz Instrumental remix)
Mono Massive - Wake Up
Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty (Suhnraw remix)
Dj Jazzy Jeff - Musik Lounge
Janet Jackson - Got Till Its Gone (Headayke extended mix)
H‰zel - Badoowap
Bolts - Lou Sid
Inept 1997 - Time-out
We met them before their weekly DJ set in Rome and we asked some questions to learn more about what they are doing…

AF : Who and what is BEAT SOUP?

BS : BEAT SOUP is the “marriage” of two young fellas (Nario Bros & Tonnoalnaturale) united by the passion for hip hop music; a project that spins love, life and positiv vibes around it. We only met few months ago in Rome but we think the recipe is the right one!

AF : What is the common element u find for your selections?

BS : It can be the “freshness”; we ain’t playing anything commercial and we won’t take any song requests!

AF : U r focused on beats and instrumentals on your selection, whats your top 10 beatsmiths of the last year?

BS : That’s a tricky one! There are a lot of producers all around the world that make ill stuff! Randomly we would mention FloFilz, Knxwledge, Schadillac, GSQ, Mndsgn, HLMNSRA, Sango, Freddie Joachim, Kaytranada e Jolly Mare.

AF : The album/s that change your vision of music and why?

NB : There are many albums back in the late 90’s that were amazing to me, from “Moment of truth” by GangStarr to “The main ingredient” by Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth and so on. But maybe the Slum Village album Fan-Tas-Tic (Vol. 1) prod by J Dilla had something special back in ‘97.

TAN : I discovered more than just albums around my twenties. People like A Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde, De La Soul, GangStarr, Pete Rock, Slum Village and other people from the nineties. They changed my taste in music and got me closer to underground music. I discovered music from the past, jazz included, and i keep on the music diggin’ of what is not on tv.

AF : What u think about the evolution in Italy’s and Europe’s beat scene?

BS : In Italy there are many dope beatmakers that we follow. New record labels are popping out with great albums and EPs; the main problem is probably that the media, PRs and even the crowd are not ready yet to support and push them like its happening in many other places in Europe.

AF :New projects on the way as Beat Soup or/and individually?

BS : We are thinking about a blog and we slowly working on some productions, playing with an sp404. Something will come out soon or later! We’d love to share our sound not just in Rome and keep working hard to create something real. We only started a few months ago, but we love what we are doing and we are having lot of positive feedbacks…so we won’t stop soon!

AF : Last words…

BS : Big Up to Actual Facts for this space, its our first interview together so we got a little thrilled! We hope not many bullshitz have came out from this interview and that you and your readers enjoy our mix.

Beat Soup Links :